Dog Booster Seat,Bucket Booster Seat Carrier Pet Lookout Booster Seat with Seat Belt Tether Nonslip Backing Design for All Car

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Why do you choose the dog booster seat?
If you can't leave your small dog at home but worry about him wandering around unwatched in your vehicle, the booster for dogs is perfect for you! Suitable for dogs up to 30 pounds, this award-winning dog booster seat is a wonderful option to keep your dog secure, and in one spot to prevent distracted driving. This dog car seat easily installs on the front or back of a bucket seat, or on the smaller side of a 60/40 split bench seat. The dog carrier also includes a tether attachment, for a dog harness, to make sure your pup stays put and safe while on-the-go.

– Waterproof exterior
– Metal supports for structural integrity.
– Collapsible for easy storage when not in use.
– Machine washable liner and reversible pad keeps seat fresh and clean.