HoverCam Solo 8 Document Camera With Free 15 Foot USB3 Cable

Possibly the best document camera ever built The new Solo 8 document camera is a "solo5 on steroids." It is faster, has higher resolution, stunning video quality, and a much more powerful zoom using patented ASR technology. In layman's terms, this is the best Hovercam ever built and it has a large shooting area of 13 x 21 inches. This is one of the largest scan size in the industry. It also ships with powerful new software called Flex10. The new UVC processor chipset and electronic imaging components features deliver ultra-high definition video over SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and the older USB 2.0 standard at 30 frames/second. Solo 8's exciting new features and cutting edge controls have never been seen before in a USB document camera. The Solo 8 is the only camera that can truly deliver the sensor's full 8MP resolution in every video frame, which is equivalent to 4K resolution. The image is resized in real-time to adapt to the screen's display resolution. True 8MP clarity or resolution is being delivered at a 30 frames-per-second speed. Over USB3.0, we deliver uncompressed YUV video @ 30fps. Over USB2.0, the video is lightly compressed MJPEG @ 30fps. The HoverCam Solo 8 is our first document camera built on the HoverCam Photon 1.0 Imaging Engine. A powerful ARM processor serves as the Solo 8's brain and makes it a highly intelligent small computer. When coupled with the Flex 10 software, Solo 8 achieves exceptionally high performance. Real time commands, responses and computations take place between the host computer and the Solo 8 to formulate the best video delivery strategy for optimal bandwidth utilization, screen size adaptation, exposure control, focus control, color balancing and other advanced camera control functions. The advanced architecture of the Photon 1.0 Imaging Engine makes the Solo 8 stand out in control flexibility and maximum performance. It is unlike any document camera