Kommii Pet Head Halter No Pull Dog Training Leash Handle Control Leashes Nylon Material Durable Adjustable Strap For Dog 1-Pack Black

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Do you have problem with your dog when walking?

Does your dog misbehave yell or bite suddenly?

1.Kommii dog training leashes made of Durable Nylon material,sturdy Straps and nose loop can keep your dog calm easily and simply in second when your pet out of control.

2.Smooth and flexible straps,practical leash with good quality.

3.Adjustable Straps can adjust the size for any pet.

4.Training or control your dog without pain Let the pet is easier to tame.

Friend tips:

When you walk your dog, keep the rope loose and make sure your pet is comfortable.So in case of emergency, your dog possible distinguish the difference.

In this way,when you pull the rope tight,under the circumstance,you dog will distinguish wheather the direction right or not.


color: black

Width: 1inchs (2.5cm)

Adjustable size: 24-44in (60-110cm)

Weight: 130g

Package included:

1 x Kommii Adjustable pet halter leash