Lumens DC166 Ladibug SXGA XGA WXGA 6x Optical 8x Digital 20fps Document Camera

The Lumens SXGA Document Camera is a compact SXGA resolution portable document camera, It comes with with 6x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom zoom capability and a manual focus to easily capture all the details. It is a Great Value for you to buy.Effortless Usage. Lumen has made it easy for you to use their products. The DC166 Document Camera comes with a remote control allowing you to close or open programs with a touch of the button. It has quite a range; you don't need to be standing close to the camera, you can be walking in the classroom and it'll still work.Crisp Quality. A great feature of the DC166 Document Camera is that it comes with SXGA high resolution. The high resolution allows you to display books on the big screen, and the magnifier can enlarge small fonts so that the students can easily read them from the screen or monitor. More Storage. The internal memory card that comes with the DC166 Document Camera can hold up to 120 JPEG images. You can also add SD Cards that can hold 2 GB, and SDHC cards that can hold 32GB. The items stored can be used in slide shows or in video presentations.Easy Installation. The DC166 Document Camera comes with the installation software for both PC and Mac. You don't need the help of IT department, the USB 2.0 cable lets you connect it to whiteboards or other equipment. With the simple instructions, you'll have no problems operating the camera.