Mother’s Day Gift AMTOK Eyebrows Tweezers Kit Professional Plucking Tools Kit Stainless Steel– Flat,Slant and Pointed Tip Tweezers (Black)

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Do not worried about the chemical any more,we have just the thing to save your sanity.

3 Tips Natural Premium All Stainless Steel Tweezers Gift Set – Slant,Straight and Pointed Tweezers.

No chemical,No hurt.Best for Allergic to Chrome (skin gets red and itchy).

Neutral design – Best Tweezers gift set for men and women


Accurate grasp a jealous and remove. Give you a clean and tidy eyebrows.

Besause of the perfect tension and quality, it will be used for a long time . you will not need to buy another eyebrow forceps to replace it.

Slant Tip is used more comfortable for ergonomic design

Not only cut eyebrows,Slant Tweezer can also assist to false eyelash and double-fold eyelid.

Although it is very sharp,the edge smooth and inward. it's very safe that would not hurt the skin.

Package List:

1* Slant Tweezers.

1 * Straight Tweezers

1 * Pointed Tweezers

60-day money back guarantee.